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Wild Trivia Slots


Main Game:

The game plays like a one-arm bandit slot machine. You will be given five categories shown at the start of the game. To use a credit, click the lever to spin the three-reel slot machine.

If three different categories come up, a player can pick any category for a chance to win $50.

If a pair is on the board, a player may answer the pair for $100, or the single for $50 with a correct answer.

If a triple is spun, a player can answer that category correctly for $200.

If a wild is spun, the card can be substituted with any category.

Get three wild cards and automatically win $500 and five credits.

"Luck of the Devil" Bonus Game:

The object of the bonus round is to win as much money as you can without seeing a devil. Rather than categories, there are dollar amounts ($50, $100, $150, $200 and $250). You automatically win whatever dollar amount is on the board, provided there are no devils.

After each successful spin, you may choose to continue or withdraw. Continue will risk the money you won in the bonus round. Withdraw will add the bonus to your total score and end the game.

If a devil comes up, you lose all of your money accumulated in the bonus round.