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Spinner's Luck


Try to solve each word puzzle before you run out of turns. You are given four turns at the start of each round. To begin your turn you must click on the board with different prizes and misfortunes.

If the "selector" lands on a prize value ($100, $250, $1000, etc.), you will receive the prize multiplied by the number of times a letter appears in the puzzle. If the block you land on has FREE TURN on it, you will get one free turn, even if you don't guess a letter that appears in the puzzle. There are two types of blocks you don't want to land on... LOSE TURN and LOSE MONEY. The LOSE TURN block will cause you to lose a turn. Landing on LOSE MONEY will reset your round earnings and end your turn.

After you guess a letter that is part of the puzzle, you will have the option to solve the puzzle or "spin" the board again. If you correctly solve the puzzle, you will score $1,000 multiplied by the number of turns you have and proceed to the next round. Otherwise, you will lose.