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That's ShowBiz


That's ShowBiz will test your knowledge on Movies, Music, and Television.

You will be able to decide the genre, the amount of points, and the number of questions on each turn by stopping the board. A great deal of luck is required but hey, that's showbiz!

The round order will go as follows:

Movie Round - Classic Film, Directors, Disney, Quotes, Sci-Fi...
TV Round - Child Stars, Classic TV, Commercials, Reality Shows...
Music Round - Country, Hip Hop, Lyrics, Pop Charts, Rock...

You start each round with three spins, but you may earn more by correctly answering questions that are worth a free spin.

Press STOP to stop all three boards. The board with categories determines the type of questions you will be asked. The money board gives each question a value, earned for each correct answer. Finally, the question board decides how many questions you will be asked (1-5).

Questions are multiple choice and you are not penalized for giving the wrong answer.