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You will have five rounds and one bonus round to accumulate as much cash as possible.

To roll the dice, you must click the die on the right side of the playing field. The number that you roll is your target number for that turn.

Your goal is to try to remove the numbers from the board by selecting them so that they add up to your target value. For example, rolling a 9 would allow any of the following combinations; 4-3-2, 5-3-1, 6-2-1, 5-4, 6-3, 7-2, 8-1 or 9.

Your total score is permanent whereas the round score resets every round. There are three actions that will add to your total score. Rolling doubles will add the money earned in a round up to that point to your total score. Clearing a column of numbers will add the amount below it to your final score. The rare outcome of clearing all columns will add $20,000.

The bonus round is a three furlong horse race. You will control the evens (red horse) while the other horse (blue) is controlled by odds. Roll evens on the dice three times to win the race and earn a $20,000 bonus.