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Pyramid Gold


In the Pyramid Gold game show, your goal is to score as many points as you can by guessing the subjects hidden behind the pyramid. There are a total of six categories; three blocks worth $500 each, two blocks worth $1,000 each, and one block worth $5,000.

To begin the game, you must select one of the boxes. Hidden behind each box is a category which you must try to guess. You are given three clues for each category. For example, the category "Gloves" would give you baseball, golden and medical as clues. The clues correspond with the timer bonus, appearing every 100 points. Try to figure out the category as quick as possible to earn more bonus points. When the time bonus expires, you lose that turn and must select another box (if available).

You only have on guess for each category so make it count. See how much money you can win in five rounds of Pyramid Gold