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Poker Frenzy


Select your bets in the beginning of the round. You can make a bet up to 50 on each of the three rows.

Once you are satisfied with your bets, you may select "DEAL" to lock them and deal the cards. You may clear all bets by pressing "CLEAR".

Once all bets are locked, you will be dealt two poker hands. These cards can be used to make hands on the rows you bet on. Click a card and then click an empty slot in the same column to place that card. Press "CLEAR" to clear all of the slots.

Press "DRAW" when you are satisfied with your choices. The points on each hand is determined by the following paytable.

Royal Flush - 500x
Straight Flush - 60x
Four of a Kind - 25x
Full House - 5x
Straight - 4x
Flush - 3x
Three of a Kind - 2x
Two Pair - 1x