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Name the Price


There are five rounds in this game:

1. Price Switch - In this round, you must determine if the items have the correct retail under them. Click "Switch Prices" to swap retail values. When you are satisfied, click "Leave Prices" to submit your choices. If correct, you will win the total retail value of both items.

2. Pick 'N Pair - To win this round, you must try to select the two items that combine to equal a retail value of lower than $7.50. Click the "Pick" price tag to select an item. Choose items carefully as you will are unable to deselect items. Choosing the items correctly will win you all prizes on the board.

3. Steep Price - One item is more expensive than the other. Try to guess by how much. Three wrong guesses and you will send your little hiker off the cliff. You win $10 for every correct guess.

4. Hi-Lo - Decide whether the item has a retail value higher or lower than the previous item. You win every item that you guess correctly for. Guess all three correctly and win the mystery prize.

5. Price Rise - Try to arrange the prizes in ascending order by retail value. Select the items with the lowest value first and work your way up the steps. You will win $100 for every correct step.