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Try to guess the secret word in five or less attempts. The first letter of the word is given to you. Fill out the remaining letters using your keyboard. You can use the left/right arrow keys or the left mouse button to change letter positions. Delete a letter with the BACKSPACE key. When you are satisfied with your guess, press SPACE BAR or ENTER to submit. If a letter occupies the correct space, the space will be filled with a dark shade of green. If the letter is part of the word but in the correct position, a circle will appear around the letter.

Try to solve the word quickly and in less attempts for a higher score. Score 5,000 for solving on the first attempt, 4,000 on the second, and so on. In addition, you will receive bonus points which are determined by how fast you can solve the word.

The game ends when you fail to solve the word, or when you complete all 10 rounds.