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Guess 5


At the beginning of each round, you are given the first letter of a word. Every puzzle is a 5-letter word from the English dictionary.

You have a maximum of five attempts to solve the puzzle. Each time you submit a word, clues may be revealed. An orange circle signifies that the letter appears in the puzzle but is in the wrong position. A green tile shows a letter in the correct position.

There are two point values. The arrow to the left of the board shows the amount that is earned for solving the puzzle on that attempt. The arrow on the right displays the bonus points which decrease as time runs.

Each round has a BINGO portion which can be played if you solve the puzzle. Solving the puzzle on the first attempt earns 5 credits, second earns 4 credits and so on. Forming rows, columns, or diagonals will score 5,000 points. In the rare case that you fill up the board, you will earn 50,000 points.