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Concentrate PLUS


Select squares on the board to uncover prizes. Match two prizes to win them and reveal the spaces which they occupy. If a WILD card i uncovered during a player's turn, he/she can select a prize to reveal its pair. If two WILDS are selected in the same turn, a player wins a $500 BONUS and resumes his/her turn.

Behind the squares is a rebus which can be solve by a player after they match two prizes, or after clearing the board. When a player has cleared the board, they can pass or solve. Passing will let the next player have a chance to solve the puzzle. The player receives $10,000 towards his or her total score for solving the puzzle.

The player with the highest total score will move on to the bonus round. The board in this round has a 15 squares, each with a type of car behind it. Seven of the cars match and one doesn't have a match. The player's goal is to match all seven cars under the 35 second time limit. If they can achieve this, they will win the last car they matched.