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BOOYAH! The game show that combines trivia with chance.

You will be asked a question in each round. The question will scroll by only once! Click on the correct answer (that is if you know it) as quick as possible to earn the maximum number of spins. The number of spins you can earn decreases by one every 10 seconds. Failing to answer the question won't earn you any spins.

After you complete the round and have at least one spin, you will have the choice to redeem your spin(s) on the prize board. "PRESS" at any time to stop the board or "FREEZE" to continue to the next round without using a spin.

The board displays money prizes, money/spin combos, multiplier, and BOOYAH! blocks. Landing on a BOOYAH! block will reset your score.

There are five rounds of BOOYAH! action. Good luck!